Z-ROCK SSN 2 Not Rated

Z-Rock SSN 2

Format: DVD
Runtime: 242
Aspect Ratio: 1.78
Street Date: 06/08/10
  • Bonus materials, special guests
  • Z Rock: Unscripted/ Z Rock: Special Guests/ Z Rock: The Smackdown/ Deleted Scenes/ Outtakes


As Z02, they’re the hard-rocking Brooklyn band that’s toured with KISS. And as The Z Brothers, they pay the rent playing kids’ birthday parties. But as this new season begins, Paulie Z, David Z and Joey C have left music altogether. Even if their promiscuous manager (Lynne Koplitz) and depraved club owner (Jay Oakerson) can get them back together, will the guys survive more ex-lovers, hot moms and strange gigs – as well as each other – on their way to rock & roll glory? Daryl Hall, Dave Navarro, John Popper, Bethenny Frankel, Dee Snider, Jim Norton, Chris Jericho, Frank Stallone, Jeffrey Ross, Warren Sapp, Constantine Maroulis, Marky Ramone and Joan Rivers co-star in this second season of the hit IFC series that DVD Verdict calls “Loud, lovable, crude and spontaneous...Z ROCK is an unexpected surprise!”



Year: 2009
Genres: Comedy, TV on DVD
Cast: Joey Cassata, David Zablidowsky, Paul Zablidowsky, Lynne Koplitz, Joan Rivers