Z-ROCK SSN 1 Not Rated

Z-Rock SSN 1

Format: DVD
Runtime: 242
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Street Date: 06/09/09
  • Bhind the Mayhem, Advice from Joan Rivers, Brooklyn Meets Hollywood, Montage, Behind-the-Scenes, Music Video, Trailer


By night, Paulie Z, David Z and Joey C are hard- partying Brooklyn rock band ZO2. But by day, they pay the bills as kids’ entertainers ‘The Z Brothers’. How do they reconcile club gigs, hot groupies and the hunt for a major record deal with having to perform at birthday parties for five-year olds? Lynne Koplitz co- stars in this kinda true/semi-scripted story of three guys, two bands and one dream, featuring guest stars Joan Rivers, Gilbert Gottfried, Dave Navarro, Greg Giraldo, John Popper of Blues Traveler, Sebastian Bach, Dee Snider and Dave Attell in the IFC Original Series that The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette calls “sweet, raunchy and funny…Z ROCK has ‘cult series’ written all over it!”



Genres: Comedy, TV on DVD
Cast: Joey Cassata, David Zablidowsky, Paul Zablidowsky, Lynne Koplitz, Joan Rivers