Veteran, The

Format: DVD
Runtime: 89
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Street Date: 01/09/07


Ray Watson returns to Vietnam thirty years after the fall of Saigan. In his youth as a Marine Corps Sergeant he enjoyed the pleasures and endured the horrors of Vietnam in equal measure, but now, as a respectable minister with political ambitions he must lay to rest some ghosts from the past. He is confronted in his hotel room by an overwrought man wielding a pistol who forces him to recall, through a series of flashbacks, the life and death moments of his old platoon. Ray realizes the man is “Doc”, a comrade whom he had thought killed in action. Unbeknownst to Doc; however, Ray is not entirely alone. In an office across from the hotel we discover a surveillance team of several American government agents and Sara Reid, a MIA/POW recovery team leader assigned to uncover the truth about missing US soldiers. Ray is aware that they are intently monitoring his conversation with Doc. As the journey through the past unfolds it becomes more and more plausible to Sara that Doc is, in fact, a former POW enraged because Ray abandoned him during an ambush. As Doc forces Ray to plunge back into the terrifying events of 30 years before it seems the past has more secrets to offer up, and not all in the present is what it seems. And explosive climax approaches and yet again only one of them will be going home.



Genres: War, Drama