Trick or Treaters DVD

Format: DVD
Runtime: 74
Aspect Ratio: 1.85
Street Date: 09/06/16


Trick or Treaters is the story of an orphan named Tiffany, traveling by carriage to a dreary castle high in the mountains where her wicked aunt runs a home for orphans. On the way to the castle, Tiffany ends up in the hands of three robbers-and considers herself lucky as can be! With a childish lie, she makes them believe that she’s a princess from India worth millions of jewels. Inspired by the little girl's idea, they agree to take her, but just as the three had feared, she turns what used to be their orderly robbers’ lives upside down and teaches them a lesson about selflessness, kindness and love.



Cast: Cole Sand, Gabe Eggerling, Taylor Autumn Bertman