Thriller 4 Pack (Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Lies and Illusions, Not Forgotten, New Daughter)

Format: DVD
Runtime: 403
Aspect Ratio:
Street Date: 07/24/12
  • Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Audio Commentary with Writer/Cinematographer/Director Peter Hyams and Actor Jesse Metcalfe; The Whole Truth - The Making of Beyond a Reasonable Doubt; Criminal Forensics - The Burden of Proof
  • Lies & Illusions: The Maiking of Lies & Illusions featurette
  • Not Forgotten: Audio Commentary with Co-Writer/ Producer/Director Dror Soref and Co-Writer/Associate Producer Tomas Romero; Behind the Scenes; Trailer
  • The New Daughter: Deleted Scenes; Theatrical Trailer; Audio Commentary with Director Luis Berdejo; Behind the Scenes


BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT: High profile lawyer, Martin Hunter (Michael Douglas) has an impeccable record putting criminals behind bars and is a shoo-in for governor in the upcoming election. But when ambitious rookie journalist, C.J. Nicholas (Jesse Metcalfe) begins investigating Hunter for tampering with evidence to secure his convictions, the district attorney’s perfect record is up for scrutiny. LIES AND ILLUSIONS: Best-selling author Wes Wilson’s self-help book about honesty has saved millions of relationships. But when his fiancé is abducted and declared dead, Wes suddenly finds himself hunted by hired killers, beautiful spies, and a ruthless criminal mastermind with a taste for both style and violence. NOT FORGOTTEN: Simon Baker of THE MENTALIST stars as Jack Bishop, a picture-perfect husband and father in a peaceful Texas border town. But when his 11-year-old daughter is kidnapped, he’ll hunt her abductors – and unleash his own tortured soul – into a Mexican hell of barrios and bordellos controlled by the mysterious religion of La Santa Muerte. THE NEW DAUGHTER: Academy Award winner Kevin Costner stars as John James, a newly divorced father who moves into a rural South Carolina home with his adolescent daughter and young son. But when Louisa begins to behave in strange new ways, John must uncover the truth behind her bizarre – and increasingly violent – transformation.



Genres: Thriller, Suspense, Mystery
Cast: Michael Douglas, Jesse Metcalfe, Simon Baker, Paz Vega, Kevin Costner, Cuba Gooding, Christian Slater, Amber Tamblyn

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