Three'S Company SSN 4 RPK

Format: DVD
Runtime: 625
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Street Date: 05/03/05
  • Behind-the-scenes, adutio commentary, interviews with show producers/writers/cast, Best of Jack, Janet, Larry, and Chrissy, and more!


Enjoy Three's Company: Season 4 in this 4-disc Set! THREE’S COMPANY knocked and a welcoming audience threw open its doors — right smack into Jack Tripper’s face. This co-ed comedy of errors about a clumsy bachelor living with two girls left America in stitches as the number-one rated entertainment show in 1979-80, while making its starring roommates household names. Dismissed by critics as a one-joke show, this once- controversial bedroom farce built a house of slapstick fun and friendship on its “risqué” foundation. And millions of viewers welcomed the madcap mixed-singles family and their wacky neighbors into their homes each week. Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning John Ritter stars as the hilariously accident-prone chef Jack Tripper, roommate to perky florist Janet Wood (Joyce DeWitt) and bubble- headed secretary Chrissy Snow (Suzanne Somers). In season four, the roomies encounter life-and-death misunderstandings and an endless array of polyester leisure suits as legendary comedic actor Don Knotts joins the show as new landlord/ladies man Ralph Furley. Spastic and elastic, the rubber-faced Mr. Furley freaks at the thought of a virile man “getting it on” with two young women in his apartment building. So Jack has to keep pretending to be gay to stay in his already-platonic cohabitation. Ann Wedgeworth also moves into the apartment building this year as the mature-but-sexy divorcée Lana Shields, who struggles to avoid “Happy Cooker” Furley while desperately trying to get her hands on Jack’s pot roast. Richard Kline’s Larry Dallas remains a trouble-instigating best bud to Jack, who finds himself cross-dressing, playing strip poker and mastering sitcom hammock spills and thrills in this schtick-filled year. THREE’S COMPANY — SEASON FOUR features all 25 episodes of this sitcom’s classic fourth season — new interviews with show producers and writers are included, as well as interviews with co-stars Don Knotts, Richard Kline and Ann Wedgeworth. Also included is an exclusive visit with John Ritter’s first wife, Nancy Morgan Ritter, hosted by Joyce DeWitt.



Genres: Comedy, TV on DVD