Three'S Company SSN 1

Format: DVD
Runtime: 146
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Street Date: 11/11/03


"It didn't set out to change theworld. It just made us laugh and that is why we love it."~Lucille Ball, 1982"Come And Knock On Our Door…"In the spring of 1977,ABC network executives gave a six-episode“trial” run to a new sitcom called THREE’S COMPANY. Almostovernight, it became one of the biggest hits of the entire season.Racy and daring for its time, this breakthrough bedroom farce skyrocketed to the Top 10 in its second week.Almost twenty-five years later, it remains one of the best-loved TV series of all time.Based on the provocative Brit-com MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE,THREE’S COMPANY follows the innuendo-laden but platonic misadventures and misunderstandings of clumsy and girl crazyJack Tripper (John Ritter in the role that won himan Emmy®, a Golden Globe and the hearts of millions)and his two female roommates, pretty and practical minded Janet Wood (Joyce DeWitt) and naïve and dim-bulb blonde Chrissy Snow (Suzanne Somers).Along with their sexually frustrated landlords the Ropers(Norman Fell and Audra Lindley) and Jack’s fast-talking pal Larry (Richard Kline), these three outrageous roommates tripped and jiggled through a world of slapstick pratfalls and some of the most scandalously titillating comedy America had ever seen.THREE’S COMPANY – SEASON ONE features the original six episodes – including the classic pilot – that started it all, now collected on DVD for the first time ever!EPISODE GUIDE:• A Man About The House• And Mother Makes Four• Roper's Niece• No Children, No Dogs• Jack The Giant Killer• It's Only Money



Genres: Comedy