Shadows of the Dead DVD

Format: DVD
Runtime: 87
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Street Date: 03/07/17


When a group of high school seniors throws an anti-prom party at a cabin in the woods, their night’s festivities will end in a shocking accident. But something even more horrific will follow them home: It feeds on fear, hunts in the dark, and grows bigger and stronger with each host it devours from within. For Heather (Kennedy Tucker), who survived the original carnage, the nightmare has just begun. The beast is hungry. It is finding unexpected new human forms. And she and her friends must now find a way to destroy an unstoppable monster that lives – and attacks – only in shadows. Brian Maierhofer (“Love & Other Ingredients”) co-stars in this grisly chiller – a Syfy 31 Days of Halloween premiere – from the studio that brought you STORMAGEDDON, LAVALANTULA and the I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE trilogy.



Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi
Cast: Kennedy Tucker, Lisa Cole, James Gaisford, Brian Maierhofer, Lindsey Elston