Raptor Island

Format: DVD
Runtime: 88
Aspect Ratio: 1.85
Street Date: 11/14/06


Some where on the churning fury of the South China Sea, an elite team of Naval commandoes led by Hacket (Lorenzo Lamas of RENEGADE) launches a daring assault on notorious international terrorist Azir (Steven Bauer of SCARFACE). Buton a nearby uninhabited atoll, both sides –including a tough-but-beautiful CIA agent (Hayley DuMond) – will soon come face-to-face with the ultimate horde of prehistoric horror: They are fast, cunning, and are supposed to have been extinct for over 100 million years. Most of all, they are hungry. Now whatbegan as a hostage rescue mission will become a savage fight for survival where trained killers must battle their way up the food chain against the barbaric violence of mankind, the explosive forces of nature, and the blood-crazed carnivores of RAPTOR ISLAND.



Genres: Sci-Fi
Director(s): Stanley Isaacs