Format: DVD
Runtime: 84
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Street Date: 09/18/07
  • Audio commentary with directors, bonus scenes, trailer


Jeff Goldblum may have starred in some of the biggest movies in history, but to secure a green card for his young Canadian fiancée he’s agreed to do a twoweek regional theater production of The Music Man in his Pennsylvania hometown. Now he’s faced with grueling rehearsals, a furious agent, good friends (Ed Begley, Jr. and Illeana Douglas) with their own troubles whom he’s convinced to co-star, and the very real prospect of a song-and-dance disaster. Moby, Conan O’Brien, Alanis Morissette, Craig Kilborn, Tom Cavanaugh and Skip E. Lowe appear in this real-life ‘mockumentary’ about one Hollywood superstar’s public fame and private life colliding head-on in PITTSBURGH.



Genres: Comedy
Director(s): Chris Bradley