Pahappahooey Island: Do It Afraid!

Format: DVD
Runtime: 68
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Street Date: 11/17/09
  • Includes Bonus Episode “Never Alone”


Welcome to PAHAPPAHOOEY ISLAND, an adventurous land that combines furry friends, fun songs and colorful adventures with the best of Joyce Meyer's classic messages for the whole family. DO IT AFRAID! Ali and her friends are on a daring quest to discover lost treasure and rescue Miss Ruby (voiced by Joyce Meyer). But along the way, they must face their greatest fears - whether it's a mob of clucking chickens, singing karaoke, or just being alone. In the end, the friends heed the advice of Miss Ruby as they stand up to their fears and "Do It Afraid!" NEVER ALONE! When the gang sets out on a camping trip, they soon fear that someone or something could be following close behind. Could it be the dreaded "ravioli-eating sasquatch?" Join Ali and he friends as they discover the key to overcoming life's greatest fears ... even when they feel alone.



Genres: Family, Children, Christian
Cast: Joyce Meyer


Telly Awards Telly Award - Winner,
The Dove Foundation Dove - Winner, Dove Family Approved
Crown Awards Crown Award - Winner,
Aurora Awards Aurora Platinum Award - Winner,
Angel Awards Angel Award - Winner,
Aegis Award Aegis Awards - Winner,

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