Osterman Weekend DVD

Format: DVD
Runtime: 102
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Street Date: 05/19/15

Osterman Weekend BD

Format: BD
Runtime: 102
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Street Date: 05/19/15


What would you do if a total stranger proved to you that your three closest friends are enemy agents? For investigative TV host John Tanner (Rutger Hauer), the news comes on the eve of a reunion weekend at his home where the traitors (Craig T. Nelson, Dennis Hopper and Chris Sarandon) are all placed under intense surveillance by a mysterious CIA operative (John Hurt). But as the get-together turns deadly, are Tanner and his family being set up for the most shocking betrayal of all? From its stinging look at media manipulation to its stunning final twist, the ultimate conspiracy will be uncovered by whoever survives THE OSTERMAN WEEKEND. Burt Lancaster, Helen Shaver and Meg Foster co-star in this action-packed suspense thriller from legendary director Sam Peckinpah (THE WILD BUNCH, STRAW DOGS) adapted from the best-selling novel by Robert Ludlum (THE BOURNE IDENTITY).



Genres: Action
Director(s): Sam Peckinpah
Cast: Dennis Hopper, Craig T. Nelson, John Hurt, Rutger Hauer, Burt Lancaster, Meg Foster