Nutcracker and Mouse King RPKG

Format: DVD
Runtime: 86
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Street Date: 10/04/05
  • Starring the voice talents of Leslie Nielsen as Mouseking, Robert Hays as Squeak, with Fred Willard as Bubble and Eric Idle as Drosselmeier, and with music by Peter Wolf.


Christmas in Czarist Russia, 1900. A spoiled prince lives in a magnificent palace with his magician uncle, Drosselmeier. To test the young prince, Drosselmeier gives him one of two magic nuts. Each one has the power to make a wish come true. The prince carelessly plays with the nut as he muses that life would be much more fun if everyone was a toy. In a flash, the prince and his servants are turned into toy nutcrackers. The evil mouse king that live within the palace walls hatches a plot to take over the kingdom. Drosselmeier persuades Clara, a young girl who is enchanted by the nutcracker prince, to set off on a mission to save the kingdom. Will they be able to reverse the magic spell and save the kingdom from tyranny?



Genres: Children, Animation/Anime/Etc, Holiday
Director(s): Tatjana Ilyina