Mirror Wars

Runtime: 109
Aspect Ratio: 1.78
Street Date: 07/10/07
  • # MIRROR WARS: Behind-The-Scenes # Trailer


Its codename is Sabertooth, a top-secret Russian stealth fighter jet that could tip the world’s military strategic balance. But when someone begins assassinating the project’s top test pilots, maverick CIA boss Henry York (Armand Assante) launches a surveillance of international arms dealer Dick Murdock (Malcolm McDowell). Is this ruthless former Intelligence agent preparing to hijack Sabertooth’s debut at the Moscow Air Show? Could a terrorist organization have already infiltrated the Russian Air Force? And how can a doomed mission’s lone hero stop an air-to-air missile locked on Air Force One? Rutger Hauer and Oleg Kapanets co-star in this Russian/American co-production packed with explosive action and stunning aerial photography featuring the real-life Sukhoi SU-35 jet.



Genres: War, Action
Director(s): Vasili Chiginsky