Making of the Mob: Chicago DVD

Format: DVD
Runtime: 343
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Street Date: 11/08/16
  • Al Capone's Secret Cop Brother
  • Mobster Made Milk
  • The African-American Mob Capone Was Afraid To Touch
  • A Mobster, A Mistress, And The President
  • Killing Castro


The Making of the Mob: Chicago is an eight-episode docu-drama chronicling the rise and fall of iconic gangster Al Capone, as well as the story of his successors, collectively known as “The Chicago Outfit.” Spanning the better part of a century, the series begins with Capone’s early days in New York and continues through his move to Chicago – to work with his childhood mentor in the underworld. When Prohibition hits, battles break out as the city’s gangs rush to set up bootlegging operations and Capone decides to go up against his rivals. As he consolidates power, he achieves legendary status for his ruthless tactics and over-the-top lifestyle that attracts the wrath of President Herbert Hoover. Utilizing an immersive blend of dramatic scenes, archival footage and VFX, the series also features interviews with historians, authors, actors, law enforcement personnel and family members, including: actors Vincent Pastore and Michael Madsen; New York Times best-selling author and Al Capone expert, Jonathan Eig, and former Las Vegas Mayor, Oscar Goodman. The series is produced by Emmy® Award-winning production company, Stephen David Entertainment (The World Wars, The Men Who Built America.)



Genres: Drama, Documentary, TV on DVD
Cast: Vicent Pastore, Jonathan Eig, Oscar Goodman, Ray Liotta, Michael Madsen