Magic Snowflake, The DVD

Format: DVD
Runtime: 73
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Street Date: 11/01/16


The new Santa is a seven year-old boy. Will his first Christmas on the job be a success? This time it's official: Nicolas is the new Santa - a big job for someone who's only seven years old. Two days before his first big night, Nicolas has to handle a major crisis: the magic of Christmas seems to be disappearing around the world and it looks like it's Nicolas's fault. Indeed, thinking he needed to act like an adult to meet his new responsibilities, Nicolas contracted the illness of those who want to grow up too fast: Grown-up-allosis. The Council of Retired Santas is forced to relieve him of his duties and appoint an experienced Santa who will be able to manage the delivery in time. To get his job back, Nicolas must regain the innocence, freshness and carefree attitude of his childhood.



Genres: Family, Children, Animation/Anime/Etc
Director(s): Luc Vinciguerra
Cast: Vincent Grass, Nathan Simony, Benoite Allemane, Alexis Tomassian, Jean-Claude Donda