Lion of the Desert BD

Format: BD
Runtime: 156
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Street Date: 11/12/13

Lion Of The Desert - Special Edition

Format: DVD
Runtime: 206
Aspect Ratio: 1.77
Street Date: 11/01/05


The year is 1929 and dictator Benito Mussolini is still faced with the 20-year long war waged by Bedouin patriots to combat Italian colonization and the establishment of the “Fourth Shore.” Mussolini appoints General Rodolfo Graziani as his sixth Governor to Libya, confident that the eminently accredited soldier can crush the rebellion and restore the dissipated glories of Imperial Rome. Omar Mukhtar - a teacher by profession, guerilla by obligation, fights against his oppressors and commits himself to a war that cannot be won in his lifetime. With Omar Mukhtar as their inspirational leader, the Bedouin troops fight on horseback against the tanks and planes of the Italian Army. As the conflict between the two implacable enemies deepen, the Bedouin suffer crippling losses, but still they fight on…



Genres: Drama
Director(s): Moustapha Akkad
Writer(s): David Butler
Cast: Rod Steiger, Anthony Quinn, Oliver Reed, Irene Papas, Raf Vallone, John Gielgud