LA Apocalypse DVD

Format: DVD
Runtime: 83
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Street Date: 03/24/15


When a catastrophic earthquake hits Los Angeles, freeways crumble, skyscrapers explode and rivers of lava surge. But this is only the beginning: The planet’s core has destabilized. Escaped prisoners rule the streets. Anarchy has been unleashed. Can one man (David Cade of “Big Time Rush”) now battle his way across a still-collapsing city to rescue his trapped fiancé (Gina Holden of FINAL DESTINATION 3), or will a danger more deadly than nature trigger a total L.A. doomsday? Christopher Judge (“Stargate SG-1”), Kamar de los Reyes (“One Life To Live”) and Raymond J. Barry (“Justified”) co-star in this earth-shaking Syfy Original from the producers of STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE, SEEDS OF DESTRUCTION and MONGOLIAN DEATH WORM.



Genres: Sci-Fi
Cast: Christopher Judge, Gina Holden, Eric Allan Kramer