Killer Tomatoes Strike Back/Killer Tomatoes Eat France DBLF DVD

Format: DVD
Runtime: 180
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Street Date: 10/01/13


They may be full of vitamin C, but they’re also — well — vicious, and Dr. Gangreen (John Astin), a crazed scientist, is using them to take over the world. Responsible for the near-annihilation of humanity in the past, Gangreen now launches a tomato PR campaign on a trashy talk show. Fortunately, the professor’s plot for world domination is foiled by hard-bitten detective Lance Boyle (Rick Rockwell), who doesn’t believe in killer tomatoes, although his gorgeous associate, a tomatologist, is determined to make him a believer, and she’s just the tomato to do it. The razor-toothed tomatoes return in KILLER TOMATOES EAT FRANCE!, and this time they’re craving French food. Filmed in France, the juicy plot unfolds as the evil professor Gangreen (John Astin) and his bungling henchman Igor (Steve Lundquist) create a new strain of tomatoes to devour the country. Only a young American tourist claiming to be Michael J. Fox (Marc Price) and his girlfriend (former Miss Universe Angela Visser), who’s one hot tomato herself, can stop them! The battle rages from the dungeon of France’s newest tourist attraction, “Igor’s Really Big Castle,” to a Ben-Hur-style car chase around the Arc de Triomphe and a heavy metal rock riot at the Louvre.



Genres: Comedy
Cast: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Steve Lundquist, John Astin, Rick Rockwell, Angela Visser, Marc Price