JAM Not Rated


Format: DVD
Runtime: 91
Aspect Ratio: 1.85
Street Date: 07/03/07


It’s just a fender-bender on a country road, but now a group of strangers – including a bickering bridal party, an embittered father and son, selfish married yuppies, a pair of not-too-bright thieves, a divorced dad, and a lesbian couple about to give birth – will spend one unforgettable afternoon turning each other’s worlds upside down. Marianne Jean-Baptiste (WITHOUT A TRACE), Amanda Detmer (WHAT ABOUT BRIAN?), William Forsythe (RAISING ARIZONA), Tess Harper (TENDER MERCIES), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (GREY’S ANATOMY) Alex Rocco (THAT THING YOU DO!), Jonathan Silverman (WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S) and Gina Torres (FIREFLY) lead a stellar ensemble cast in this award-winning drama about love, death, sex and other truths that are revealed when lives collide.



Genres: Drama
Director(s): Craig Serling