The Male Intellect: An Oxymoron?

Format: DVD
Runtime: 89
Aspect Ratio: 1.77
Street Date: 02/08/05
  • Bonus Bob: Additional Scenes


GETTING DUMPED HAS NEVER BEEN FUNNIER! Robert Dubac’s fiancé used to call him ‘Bobby.’ Now she just doesn’t call. She left him twoweeks ago, and he’s praying she’ll call tonight. But while he’s waiting, Dubac has a plan: Hetakes us on an hysterical trip through both sides of his brain to explore the intricacies of whatmakes men tick; the mysteries of what women want; and introduces us to all the hilariouscharacters, conflicts and all too-true chaos that lives INSIDE THE MALE INTELLECT.Welcome this smash one-man comedy hit written and performed by Robert Dubac that continuesto pack theatres nationwide. This Special Editionof INSIDE THE MALE INTELLECT features the entireacclaimed show taped live in front of a sold-outaudience, plus Exclusive Bonus Footage!



Genres: Stand-Up Comedy , Comedy
Director(s): Michael Drumm