Hit By Lightning DVD

Format: DVD
Runtime: 89
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Street Date: 04/21/15


Aging and single, Ricky Miller (Jon Cryer), spends his days managing a fast food chain, doting on his cats, and yearning to fall in love. Terrified that his ship has sailed, he turns to online dating, where he meets the mysterious Danita, a woman without a picture who asks him out on a date. Fearing the worst, Ricky goes to meet Danita, only to find that she is charming, intelligent, and stunningly beautiful. Most puzzling, she seems to be totally smitten with Ricky from first sight. Egged on by his best friend Seth (Will Sasso) who is skeptical of the situation, Ricky looks for the catch. Danita confesses that she is in a loveless marriage to a very successful crime novelist, who was once accused of killing his ex-wife a few years prior. She fears her husband will strike again, and the only way that she can be free of him is for Ricky to kill him. Hopelessly in love with Danita, but horrified by the predicament, Ricky wonders can homicide lead to happy ever after?



Genres: Crime, Romance, Comedy
Cast: Jon Cryer, Will Sasso, Stephanie Szostak