Hessen Conspiracy

Format: DVD
Runtime: 113
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Street Date: 01/11/11


Frankfurt, Germany, 1945: The war is over, and a group of victorious U.S. Army officers take over a castle that formerly belonged to the German royal family. But when two of them uncover a massive cache of priceless gems, the lovers hatch a plan to loot the treasure. Now, all they’ll have to do is smuggle the German Crown Jewels into New York City, dodge military investigators, con a murderous mob boss and steal back their stolen fortune...all without double-crossing each other first.



Year: 2009
Genres: War, Crime, Romance, Action/Adventure, Mystery
Director(s): Paul Breuls
Writer(s): Nicholas Meyer
Cast: Billy Zane, noah segan, Michael Bowen, John B. Lowe, Mike O'Brien, Lyne Renee