Heaven Knows What DVD

Format: DVD
Runtime: 97
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (1.78:1)
Street Date: 09/15/15
  • Making of Heaven Knows What

Heaven Knows What BD

Format: BD
Runtime: 97
Aspect Ratio: 1.78
Street Date: 09/15/15
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  • The Making of Heaven Knows What


A young heroin addict (Arielle Holmes) roams the streets of New York to panhandle and get her next fix, while her unstable boyfriend (Caleb Landry Jones) drifts in and out of her life at random. Harley loves Ilya. He gives her life purpose and sets her passion ablaze. So, when he asks her to prove her love by slitting her wrists, she obliges with only mild hesitation, perhaps because of her other all-consuming love: heroin.



Year: 2014
Genres: Drama
Director(s): Josh Safdie
Writer(s): Josh Safdie, Ronald Bronstein
Cast: Ron Braunstein, Buddy Duress, Arielle Holmes , Caleb Landry Jones, Eleonore Hendricks


Independent Filmmaker Project Gotham Award - Nominee, Best Feature
Gotham Award - Nominee, Breakthrough Performer - Arielle Holmes
Independent Spirit Award - Nominee, Best Editing