H.O.T.S. R


Format: DVD
Runtime: 98
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Street Date: 06/05/07
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WARNING: This film contains adult themes and situations that are inappropriate for younger viewers."I promise to do everything within my power, using all my abilities, talents, and assets to win every man on campus away from Pi Sorority, so help me H.O.T.S. So help me H.O.T.S."With that pledge, the lovely members of the H.O.T.S. begin their titillatting crusade to party down and woo every male on the unsuspecting college campus. Dressed to thrill, and flashing mile-wide smiles, the lovely ladies transform their formerly uptight university into a sex-crazed fun house. But all is not well for the fledgling sorority, asn the snooty, prim and proper girls if the Pi Sorority try to stop the H.O.T.S. girls at every turn.Featuring appearances by a bevy of Playboy Playmates and ex-Partridge family member Danny Bonaduce, H.O.T.S. is a good-natured, old-fashioned romp! Toss in a couple of bumbling gangsters, a topless football game, and a lovable seal, and you've got the makings of a truly H.O.T. time to be had by all!



Genres: Comedy
Director(s): Gerald Sindell