GETTIN' IT Not Rated

Gettin' It

Format: DVD
Runtime: 97
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Street Date: 08/07/07
  • Audio commentary with writer/producer/director Nick Gaitatjis, Gettin' It: A peek at the movie, deleted scenes, trailer


Silver (Patrick Censoplano) is a clumsy teenage virgin with raging hormones until a misunderstanding about a box of XXL condoms leads to a little rumor about his supposed giant size. Before long, this former loser is massively popular with kinky strippers, horny housewives and a town full of beautiful women who’ll bare everything for their chance at Silver’s extra something. Can a small-time guy with a suddenly huge sex life now learn the difference between true love and larger-than-life lust? Playboy vixen and notorious ex-baseball wife Jessica Canseco co-stars with Cheryl Dent, Sandra Staggs, Trish Coren and Tara Rice in this coming-of-age comedy about losin’ it, findin’ it, and most of all, GETTIN’ IT!



Year: 2007
Genres: Comedy
Director(s): Nick Gaitatjis