Frankenstein Unbound DVD

Format: DVD
Runtime: 86
Aspect Ratio: 1.85
Street Date: 08/06/13


The legendary Roger Corman offers up this “monster movie for the thinking person” (NBC), featuring electrifying performances from John Hurt, Raul Julia and Bridget Fonda, in a compelling and creepy twist on the classic tale. Dr. Joseph Buchanan (John Hurt) is a scientist in New Los Angeles, 2031. When one of his experiments fractures the very core of time and space, he is thrust back in time to nineteenth century Geneva, where he finds Dr. Victor Frankenstein (Raul Julia) desperately trying to cope with his own disastrous experiment. Impressed with Buchanan’s advanced knowledge of electricity, Frankenstein enlists Buchanan’s help with his “creation” – persuading Buchanan that the only way to stop “it” from killing is to create a mate. The outrageous endeavor could either save the scientists…or destroy them!



Genres: Horror
Director(s): Roger Corman
Cast: John Hurt, Bridget Fonda