Four Last Songs

Format: DVD
Runtime: 110
Aspect Ratio: 1.78
Street Date: 06/26/07


Larry (Stanley Tucci) is a chronically unsatisfied ex-pat residing on a remote island village in the Mediterranean. The village is tiny but famous for having been the home of one of Europe’s most celebrated composers.  Although Larry hoped to absorb some of the great man’s glory, his modest talents have instead confined him to playing the piano in local bars.  Desperate to make his mark Larry stages a gala concert as a tribute to the late composer.  His plans, however, are challenged by every inhabitant of the village including his partner, the neurotic, Miranda (Jessica Stevenson); the composer’s beautiful muse, Helena (Emmanuelle Seigner); Veronica (Marisa Paredes), the master’s embittered widow; Sebastian (Hugh Bonneville), a social-climbing Englishman and his feckless younger brother, Dickie (Rhys Ifans); and most importantly, Frankie (Jena Malone), Larry’s own stubborn and streetwise daughter who’s been trying to track him down for years.  With his kooky entourage in tow Larry must learn to balance all the harmonies and deliver his own masterpiece.



Genres: Romance, Comedy