Fallen Ones, The

Format: DVD
Runtime: 89
Aspect Ratio: 1.77
Street Date: 09/20/05
  • # Widescreen Presentation # Theatrical Trailer # Still Gallery # "Animatics: Pre-Visualization By Forum Visual Effects" # "Creating Aramis the Mummy" # "Giants In THe Earth: The Making of THE FALLEN ONES" # Also On DVD
  • * Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Kevin VanHook, Producer Karen Bailey, Cinematographer Matt Steinauer and Visual Effects Supervisor Chadd B. Cole * Cross-Promo Trailers: Dead & Breakfast All Souls Day Man With The Screaming Brain It Waits

Fallen Ones, The BD

Format: BD
Runtime: 89
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Street Date: 02/02/10


For archaeologist Matt Fletcher (Casper Van Dien of STARSHIP TROOPERS), it begins with the startling discovery of a 42-foot mummy buried beneath a desert valley in the American Southwest. But when additional evidence warns of a modern-day apocalypse, Fletcher – along with a desperate industrialist (Robert Wagner of AUSTIN POWERS) and a skeptical engineer (Kristen Miller of SHE SPIES) – must survive the rampage of the reanimated giant and the fury of a mysterious stranger who may be the most unholy incarnation of all. Tom Bosley (Happy Days), Geoffrey Lewis (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS) and Navid Negahban (24) co-star in this Syfy Channel Original Movie hit from writer/producer/director Kevin VanHook.



Genres: Horror, Fantasy
Director(s): Kevin Van Hook