ELOISE 3PK VOL. 2 Not Rated

Eloise 3PK: Me Eloise, Springtime, Hollywood Vol. 2

Format: DVD
Runtime: 156
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Street Date: 09/08/09
  • Eloise Goes To School
  • Eloise’s Rawther Unusual Halloween
  • Eloise Little Miss Christmas


Eloise Goes To School: After Eloise's tutor Philip quits, Nanny enrolls her in the prestigious Hawthorne Academy. Eloise can't wait to begin real school, but soon finds out it isn't exactly what she was expecting. There are mean girls on the playground, very strict teachers and so many rules rules rules! Eloise decides it's time to make school fun again. She's teaching her new friends to stand up to bullies, helping her teacher understand there are a lot of different ways to learn and having tons of adventures. Can Eloise fit in at her new school? Will she be able to follow all the rules while remaining true to herself? Eloise’s Rawther Unusual Halloween: Every Halloween, the ghost of The Plaza’s most legendary and outrageous inhabitant of old, Diamond Jim Johnson, returns to haunt the halls. But when the hotel’s most famous 6 year-old girl, Eloise, encounters this frightening phantom, nobody believes her story of old-time spooks with larger than life appetites. When eerie sights and sounds begin to spook the hotel guests, will Eloise herself now be accused of scaring The Plaza’s guests, staff and prospective new owners or can she solve the mystery with her own supernatural powers of investigation? There are tricks and treats galore in store when Eloise busts some ghosts, reverses a curse and even saves the hotel from real monsters in this most unusual Halloween Adventure ever! Eloise Little Miss Christmas: It’s almost Christmas Eve for Eloise, the Plaza’s most famous six-year old. She and her friends have decided to put on a holiday show like no other! With different traditions from many cultures, it is sure to be the best show the plaza has ever seen. Chaos abounds, at the last minute as Mr. Salamone must cancel the show. Will Eloise be able to find a way to keep the Christmas spirit alive and allow the show to go on? Will her surprise guest arrive for the party? The kids scramble to find a way to save their show and in the end learn the true spirit of the season is having the people you love all happy and together.



Genres: Family, Children, Spanish Language
Cast: Lynn Redgrave, Tim Curry, Neil Patrick Harris, Jim Belushi


The Dove Foundation Dove Dove Family Approved for All Ages
Television Academy Primetime Emmy - Winner, Best Animated Feature

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