ELOISE 3-PACK (SPRING 2009) Not Rated

Eloise 3PK: Me Eloise, Springtime, Hollywood

Format: DVD
Runtime: 135
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Street Date: 02/17/09
  • Me, Eloise
  • Eloise in Hollywood
  • Eloise in Springtime


Me, Eloise: It's Eloise's sixth birthday and she's planning the most special party ever! Everything is going just right until a new girl - a young Japanese violin prodigy named Yuko shows up and steals all the attention! Eloise decides it is her job to show Yuko just how fun the Plaza can be. The two new friends take off on an extraordinary adventure that takes a surprising turn and they almost miss the big day! Eloise in Hollywood: A big time movie producer invites Eloise and Nanny to Hollywood and she is instantly overcome by visions of overnight stardom and red-carpet premieres. When Eloise arrives in Tinseltown and is asked to audition for a role in a major studio film, she thinks her glamorous dreams may actually be coming true! She soon discovers though, that making a movie isn't always as exciting as it seems. Eloise in Springtime: Winter is over in New York City and Nanny is going on a much needed vacation with her brother. That means Eloise gets a temporary nanny - the young, hip Nicole. Nicole shows Eloise an exciting side of New York City that she never knew existed and they have tons of fun along the way. Unfortunately, most of the fun involves breaking Nanny's rules!



Genres: Family, Children, Spanish Language
Cast: Lynn Redgrave, Tim Curry, Mary Mouser, Jason Marsden, Curtis Armstrong, Cynthia Nixon, Lacey Chabert, Neil Patrick Harris


The Dove Foundation Dove - Winner, Dove Family Approved for All Ages
Television Academy Primetime Emmy - Winner,

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