Eastside Story

Format: DVD
Runtime: 84
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Street Date: 08/28/07


Jessica Ramos is blessed with a spectacular voice, but her tough-girl Bronx attitude is getting in the way of her professional and personal success. Her sister, Francesca (Iris Chabon), is a popular singer in a local Latin nightclub, but Jessica refuses to get along with her. Making the situation even more tense is Jonathan Ramirez, their spoiled freeloading cousin who is also at the receiving end of Jessica’s nasty attitude.Enter the funny and always-scheming Flaco (Marc Anthony) who befriends Jonathan and helps him stay on track, and away from the gangs and lowlifes of their Bronx barrio. But Flaco has his own demons to battle with the death of his mother, and his father’s descent into alcohoholism. Although each member of this unlikely group is struggling to succeed against their own impossible odds, they decide to join forces and form a hot new music group that takes them on a triumphant journey through nightclubs, studios, and parties right into the heart of the New York music scene.



Genres: Comedy, Musical