Disaster 4 Pack DVD

Format: DVD
Runtime: 361
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Street Date: 09/16/14


This collection includes the best disaster films from Anchor Bay. The collection includes: Doomsday Prophecy, Snowmageddon, Collision Earth, and 12 Disasters. Doomsday Prophecy It begins with massive earthquakes. The Black Sea disappearing into the earth. Vast chasms spreading into populated areas. And the worst is still to come! Jewel Staite ("Stargate: Atlantis," "Firefly") and A.J. Buckley ("CSI: NY," "Supernatural") star in this paranormal thriller about the hunt for a modern-day Nostradamus who has predicted a celestial phenomenon that can annihilate nations and kill millions. Will the alignment of our solar system with the galactic equator lead to a globally cataclysmic disaster, or just a whole lot of creepy visions, shocking chaos and awesome destruction? Alan Dale ("Once Upon a Time," "Lost") co-stars in this Syfy Original explosion of devastation from the Executive Producers of STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE, ICE QUAKE, METAL SHIFTERS and MONGOLIAN DEATH WORM. Snowmageddon It’s Christmas Eve in Normal, Alaska, and not a flake of snow has fallen yet. But when mysterious earthquakes, explosive fires, ice meteors and underground spikes suddenly strike the quaint mountain village, the local sheriff (David Cubitt of “Medium”), his helicopter pilot wife (Laura Harris of “Dead Like Me” and “24”) and their two kids must figure out why nature hates the holidays. Could a supernatural snow globe be triggering this season of destruction, or will a massive volcano roast Earth’s chestnuts forever? Magda Apanowicz (“Caprica”) and Michael Hogan (“Battlestar Galactica”) co-star in this ultimate blast of Syfy Original yuletide mayhem from the Executive Producers of ICE QUAKE, MEGA CYCLONE, STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE and MONGOLIAN DEATH WORM! Collision Earth When a massive comet strikes the Sun, it knocks Mercury out of orbit and sends it hurtling towards Earth. But each day the now-magnetized planet gets closer, it triggers gravitational chaos around the world: Flaming meteors crash into the ground. Automobiles are sucked into the sky. And the worst is still to come. Can a disgraced scientist (Kirk Acevedo of “Fringe”) and the lone surviving crewmember (Diane Farr of “Californication” and “Numb3rs”) on a crippled space shuttle stop this Extinction Level Event by re-activating the top-secret planetary defense system known as ‘Project 7’? Andrew Airlie (“Reaper”) and Jessica Parker Kennedy (“The Secret Circle”) co-star in the out-of-this-world Syfy Original from the director of ICE QUAKE, POLAR STORM and STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE. 12 Disasters It’s Christmas season in the mountain village of Calvary, but merry and bright have suddenly fled town: There are mass bird deaths. Blood red water running from faucets. Grandmas impaled by humongous flying icicles. And for 18-year-old Jacey (Magda Apanowicz of “Continuum”), a newly discovered gift has led her and her dad (Ed Quinn of “Eureka”) to the revelation that a beloved holiday carol may hold the key to a yuletide Mayan apocalypse. Can their desperate search for five golden rings now stop a global cataclysm of tornados, volcanoes and killer twinkle lights? Holly Elissa (ICE QUAKE), Roark Critchlow (“Pretty Little Liars”), Andrew Airlie (“Reaper”), Ryan Grantham (DIARY OF A WIMPY KID) and Donnelly Rhodes (“Battlestar Gallactica”) co-star in this hit Syfy Movie that delivers the ultimate countdown of Xmas mayhem!



Genres: Action, Sci-Fi