Devil's Den

Format: DVD
Runtime: 84
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Street Date: 02/13/07
  • * Widescreen Presentation enhanced for 16x9 TVs * Still Gallery * "Belly of the Beast" The Making of Devil's Den * Audio Commentary featuring Writer/Producer/Stunt Coordinator Mitch Gould, Producer John Duffy, and Composer Jon Lee
  • # Blooper Reel # DVD-Rom Screenplay # Photo Gallery


The Final Battle For The Soul Of Mankind Will Be Fought In A Bar Full Of Possessed Strippers

During a routine Spanish Fly-smuggling trip back from Mexico, two friends stumble upon an out-of-the-way gentlemen’s club with no cover charge and plenty of sexy, friendly ladies. But what feels like lap dance heaven is actually a recruiting station for an army of the flesh eating undead. Now a drug-dealing film geek (Devon Sawa of IDLE HANDS and FINAL DESTINATION), a trigger-happy assassin (Kelly Hu of X-MEN 2 and THE SCORPION KING), a samurai demon hunter (Ken Foree of DAWN OF THE DEAD and THE DEVIL’S REJECTS) and an airhead cocktail waitress (Karen Maxwell) must battle ferocious hordes of gut-ripping strippers whose pimp-daddy is Satan himself. FHM and DEAL OR NO DEAL model Dawn Olivieri co-stars in this skin-baring bloodbath where the horny meet the horned, beautiful women can be soul-sucking ghouls, and every man’s road to Hell leads straight into THE DEVIL’S DEN.



Genres: Horror