Dark Corners

Format: DVD
Runtime: 96
Aspect Ratio: 1.78
Street Date: 05/22/07
  • Featurette with commentary from director Ray Gower, and star Thora Birch


A troubled young woman (Thora Birch) wakes up one day as a different person, someone being stalked by terrifying creatures.  But what is the dream and what is reality?

In the tradition of such films as DEAD AGAIN and LOST HIGHWAY, the story of DARK CORNERS keeps flipping back around on top of itself, reveling in genre conventions, while ripping them up at the same time.  The truly terrifying demons explored in this film revolve around raising children and suburban bliss, leaving you to wonder just what exactly is going on.

First time writer/director Ray Gower explodes out of the gate with this wonderfully inventive head trip, and Thora Birch gives the most surprising performance of her career to date.



Genres: Horror
Director(s): Ray Gower