Bye, Bye Love

Format: DVD
Runtime: 106
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Street Date: 12/27/11
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It’s been said that there’s a divorce every minute in America. But for best friends anddivorced dads Dave,Vic and Donny, one each is enough. Dave (Matthew Modine) is awomanizer with commitment issues, Vic (Randy Quaid) has a bitter relationship with hisex-wife, and Donny (Paul Reiser) is struggling to understand his moody teenage daughter(Eliza Dushku). Can these men survive weekend custody, hooking up, acting out, keepingsecrets, telling lies and the occasional blind date from Hell, all while trying to live their livesand love their kids the best they can?Janeane Garofalo,Amy Brenneman, Danny Masterson and Rob Reiner co-star inthis heartwarming and hilarious comedy from the director of GEORGE OF THE JUNGLEand the creator of Family Ties and Spin City.



Genres: Comedy
Director(s): Sam Weisman