Bruce Campbell Double Feature

Format: DVD
Runtime: 176
Aspect Ratio: 1.77
Street Date: 05/12/09
  • MAN WITH THE SCREAMING BRAIN: Widescreen Presentation/ Theatrical Trailer/ "Brain Surgeons: Making The Screaming Brain"/ "Neurology 101: Evolution Of The Screaming Brain"
  • Audio Commentary with Actor/Director Bruce Campbell and Producer David M. Goodman/ Behind-The-Scenes/ Storyboard Gallery/ Comic Book ARt Gallery/ Bruce Campbell Bio
  • Cross-Promo Trailers: The Evil Dead Evil Dead 2 Dead & Breakfast Lightning Bug Thou Shall Not Kill...Except
  • ALIEN APOCALYPSE: Widescreen Presentation/ Audio Commentary with Actor Bruce Campbell and Writer/Director Josh Becker/ Behind-The-Scenes Gallery/ Storyboard Gallery/ Bruce Campbell Bio
  • Cross-Promo Trailers: The Evil Dead Evil Dead 2 Man With The Screaming Brain Dead & Breakfast Lightning Bug


MAN WITH THE SCREAMING BRAIN SOMEWHERE IN BULGARIA, sleazy American industrialist William Cole (Bruce Campbell) is finalizing a tax scam that will earn him millions. Meanwhile, mad scientist Dr. Ivan Ivanov (Stacy Keach) and his demented henchman Pavel (Ted Raimi of XENA) have created a drug that can connect human brains like Lincoln Logs. But when an illicit tryst with a sultry hotel maid leads to Cole’s murder, Dr. Ivanov reanimates him by transplanting the half-brain of a former KGB operative into Cole’s skull. Now, the capitalist and the communist must reconcile their differences to hunt down the beautiful gypsy freak who killed them both. ALIEN APOCALYPSE BRUCE CAMPBELL stars as Dr. Ivan Hood, a cocky astronaut who returns to Earth after a 40-year cryogenic space nap to discover civilization destroyed and the planet enslaved by a race of giant alien termites. But when Hood is captured, he begins to plot the impossible: escape his captors, track down the long-missing President, and build a rebel army to destroy these insect overlords. In a desperate time ruled by head-chomping bugs that spew green crap, can one brave hero lead a not-very-bright world to freedom?



Genres: Horror
Cast: Bruce Campbell