Birthday Boys, The DVD

Format: DVD
Runtime: 230
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Street Date: 08/05/14
  • Audio Commentaries
  • The Making of Season One
  • From Stage to Screen
  • Bonus Videos
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With a nod to absurd yet intelligent legacy sketch shows “Monty Python”, “Mr. Show” and “Kids in the Hall”, the series features sketches that poke fun at real-life moments and cultural touchstones. From Steve Jobs and the rise of the personal computer, Lance Armstrong and the prevalence of performanceenhancing drugs, to the hardships of trying to keep up with too many shows on your DVR — the series takes a hilariously skewed perspective on everyone’s shared experiences. Executive produced by Bob Odenkirk (“Breaking Bad”, “Mr. Show”) who stars alongside the Los Angeles comedy group “The Birthday Boys”, features writer David Ferguson and Tim Kalpakis of “Comedy Bang! Bang!”, Mike Hanford (“Comedy Bang! Bang!”, “Parks and Recreation”), Mike Mitchell (“The Mindy Project”, “Comedy Bang! Bang!”), Jefferson Dutton, Matt Kowalick, and Chris VanArtsdalen in this hit comedy series.



Genres: Comedy, TV on DVD
Cast: Jefferson Dutton, David Ferguson, Mike Hanford, Tim Kalpakis, Mike Mitchell, Matt Kowalick, Chris VanArtsdalen