Billy Blanks: Bootcamp Cardio Inferno

Format: DVD
Runtime: 67
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Street Date: 10/05/10


Are you ready to feel the fire? Are you ready to feel the burn? Then, you must be ready for Billy Blanks’® all new “Cardio Inferno." Everyone knows how Billy Blanks® revolutionized the fitness world, with his explosive cardio workout Billy’s Boot Camp. Well, Billy has done it again. Billy has created the best cardio workout to ever hit the fitness world, with his new “Boot Camp Cardio Inferno." “Cardio Inferno” will test your cardiovascular will power like never before. With brand new moves and his motivational guidance, Billy takes you to the next level in cardio fitness. Not only will you feel the fire, but you will burn calories, sweat, get your heart pumping and shed those poundsfast! Join Billy and the crew for the “fire” in your fitness regime, with “Cardio Inferno." The DVD includes a fun fueled 1 hour workout that will banish fat and get you thinner fast. In addition to the workout is a Billy’s Boot Camp basics tutorial to get you started on your new body.



Genres: Fitness
Cast: Billy Blanks

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