Bart Got A Room

Format: DVD
Runtime: 79
Aspect Ratio: 1.85
Street Date: 07/28/09
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It’s only a few weeks before Senior Prom, and South Florida overachiever Danny Stein (Steven Kaplan) would rather find new romance than take his lifelong best friend (Alia Shawkat of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT). But Danny is about to suffer a parade of humiliations that includes crossed signals, raging hormones and hilariously bad advice from his divorcing parents (William H. Macy and Cheryl Hines). Now the clock is ticking, pressure’s mounting, and even the biggest dweeb in school has booked a hotel room. Where does a desperate guy in a geriatric town find a date 20 minutes before one of the biggest nights of his life? Dina Manoff (GREASE), Jennifer Tilly (LIAR LIAR) and Jon Polito (THE BIG LEBOWSKI) co-star in this indie comedy hit that Cinematical says, “packs a ton of heart and a lot of fun. It leaves you feeling good -- real good!”



Genres: Teen, Comedy
Director(s): Brian Hecker
Cast: Cheryl Hines, William H. Macy, Jennifer Tilly