Animated Holiday Gift Set DVD

Format: DVD
Runtime: 328
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1/WS & 1.33:1/FF
Street Date: 11/04/14


Includes 5 DVDs filled with your favorite characters and holiday family fun at a great low price! The Happy Elf: Based on Grammy®-winner Harry Connick, Jr.’s original song, THE HAPPY ELF will be sure to ring in the season with loads of holiday laughter. This delightful animated adventure is the story of Eubie, one of Santa’s helpers whose overly optimistic outlook is put to the test when he decides to bring Christmas joy to a sad little town called Bluesville. Eloise Little Miss Christmas: It’s almost Christmas Eve for Eloise, the Plaza’s most famous six-year old. She and her friends have decided to put on a holiday show like no other! With different traditions from many cultures, it is sure to be the best show the Plaza has ever seen. When Mr. Salamone must cancel the show, the kids scramble to find a way to save their show and in the end learn the true spirit of the season is having the people you love all happy and together. The Nutcracker and the Mouseking: Christmas in Czarist Russia, 1900. A spoiled prince lives in a magnificent palace with his magician uncle, Drosselmeier. To test the young prince, Drosselmeier gives him one of two magic nuts. Each one has the power to make a wish come true. The prince carelessly plays with the nut as he muses that life would be much more fun if everyone was a toy. In a flash, the prince and his servants are turned into toy nutcrackers. The evil mouse king that live within the palace walls hatches a plot to take over the kingdom. Drosselmeier persuades Clara, a young girl who is enchanted by the nutcracker prince, to set off on a mission to save the kingdom. Will they be able to reverse the magic spell and save the kingdom from tyranny? Wubbzy’s Christmas Adventure: The holidays are coming, and everyone in Wuzzleburg is getting ready for Winter Wonder Wubb Club fun! Everyone’s favorite bendy-tailed buddy pitches in to decorate The Figgity-Fig Tree, fix Walden’s snow sculpture and even solve the mystery of the Snow Shoo-Shoo! There’s plenty of singing, dancing, hoopty-horns and slippery-sledding too, all in the DVD that celebrates the ultimate Wow! Wow! season of caring, sharing and friendship! Chuggington: Icy Escapades: In this traintastic collection of winter adventures, the crew takes to the tracks as snow and ice cover Chuggington! When the rails become frozen, it’s up to Wilson, Koko, and Brewster to save the day and keep the town moving! With help from their fellow Chuggers, the trainees get rescued from a blizzard, dig their way out of snow drifts, and even take to the skies when the wintery winds lift Hodge from the rails! Share in the journey as the trainees learn important lessons like teamwork and problem-solving, while discovering there’s snow-place like Chuggington!



Genres: Family, Animation/Anime/Etc
Cast: Lynn Redgrave, Tim Curry, Harry Connick Jr.