All Souls Day

Format: DVD
Runtime: 90
Aspect Ratio: 1.77
Street Date: 01/17/06
  • Audio Commentary with Director Jeremy Kasten and Producer Mark A. Altman
  • Deleted Scene
  • Extended Scene
  • Faces Of Death: The Make-Up Effects Of ALL SOULS DAY
  • Jailhouse Rock: The Stunts Of ALL SOULS DAY
  • Raising The Undead: The Making Of ALL SOULS DAY
  • Screenplay (DVD-ROM)
  • Storyboard Gallery


In 1892, Vargas Diaz, a murderous greedy villain, looted an Aztec tomb belonging to the goddess of death located in the town of Santa Bonita, Mexico. The many that died at Diaz’s hands cannot rest and continually demand human sacrifices. Today the town of Santa Bonita is a ghost town, and those who stumble upon the village never leave. A young couple, Joss and Alicia, are unfortunate enough to get stranded there and discover the town’s secret history. The only way to save themselves and let the dead rest lies with Diaz himself, but there’s no earthly way he could still be living today…



Genres: Horror
Director(s): Jeremy Kasten