10 Minute Solution: Carb & Calorie Burner

Format: DVD
Runtime: 59
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
Street Date: 02/08/05
  • Totally programmable DVD! Consumers can control which workouts to play and the order to play them for a custom workout each time


WANT TO BURN CARBS BUT NO TIME TO EXERCISE? We have the solution for you – the 10 Minute Solution! Everyonecan find at least 10 minutes in their day, and we’ve developedfive super effective, carb-blasting workouts, each only 10 minutes.Instructor Michelle Dozois has designed the segments so thatyou can utilize each individually, or mix and match the sets tocreate a completely custom workout. Or you can put all five setstogether for an incredible 50-minute carb burning bonanza! SLOW & STEADY BURN: This is cardio at its best – easy-to-follow, fun and effective! By keeping your heartrate and exertion level atan elevated, yet comfortable pace for the entire 10 minutes, you’ll blast away carbs and feel great. CARB KILLER: Using kickboxing moves to knock out extra carbs and calories, this routine really maximizes your weightloss efforts. Don’t worry if you’re not a seasoned kickboxer … the moves are easy-to-follow and inspiring! POWER BLAST: Get ready for a high energy, high power workout! This segment uses explosive yet controlled movements toreally rev up your body’s carb-burning engine. Feel the Power … Feel the Burn! INTERVAL BURN: It’s back to basics with this 10 Minute segment. No nonsense, boot camp-inspired exercises are used toincrease your muscular endurance and strength. You’ll take your heart rate up and down throughoutseveral intervals – a proven technique to really demolish those carbs and calories! METABOLISM BOOSTER: This unique segment will keep you burning carbs and calories long AFTER your workout is over! The secretis incorporating weights. By using light hand weights – you’ll build lean muscle to increase your metabolismand burn more carbs, faster than ever before. BONUS CARB CONVERSION CHART INSIDE!This effective “cheat sheet,” outlines the 10 Minute workout you need to do to burn off the carbs in everydayfood items like bread, chips, pasta and even chocolate! Author and Nutrition expert, Cindy Whitmarsh of“Ultrafit Nutrition Systems” also gives 5 super effective tips on how to stave off carb cravings, AND 10 totallysimple substitutions to replace “bad” carbs in your diet with good carbs – without compromising flavor!



Year: 2005
Genres: Fitness
Director(s): Andrea Ambandos (Andrea Ambandos (3))

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